The Tilting Paste Kettle is designed for paste preparation. It has a universal application resulting in uniform melting. We develop a tank to meet the missing needs of a broader range of products under varied operating conditions in the chemicals, Foods, Cosmetics, and Pharmaceutical Industry. The basic principle utilized in this Kettle’s design is the jacket for passing steam to melt down the product to make a paste. This Kettle has a unique tilting arrangement for discharging the product.

“AKSHAR” Jacketed paste kettle will be made from SS 304 rectangular pipes of 3 mm; the end will be an independent resting type of framework where no foundation will be required. The kettle will be a hemispherical type of bowl with either steam/oil/water heating jacket will be provided. The kettle will be manufactured from 2.5 mm on the SS 304 sheet, and the jacket will be of 2.5 mm mild steel (in the case of a steam jacket, the thickness will be 4 mm). There will be oil/water heated fitted at the back bottom side of the kettle. The kettle will be having a worm type arrangement for tilting. A temperature controller and a temp indicator will be provided for temp control and indication. The kettle will be insulated with 50 mm glass wool insulation and cladded with 16/14 SWG SS 304 sheet. The kettle will be buffed to 150 grit matt finishes externally and internally.


    • Hemispherical design for proper mixing of paste.
    • Jacket for heating element as a part of Kettle.
    • Outer jacket for Insulation as an option.
    • Heating element via steam (Provided by customer).
    • Discharge from the bottom via a butterfly valve.
    • Inside mirror finish.
    • It is driven via motor & gearbox assembly mounted on top.
    • Discharge of paste through the bottom from the butterfly valve.
    • Anchor type impeller design for proper mixing of paste.
    • 75% closed & 25 % open top cover design with proper locking.
    • All the contact parts from SS‐316.
    • All the noncontact part from SS‐ 304.
    • A central pillar of Kettle will be from SS 304.
    • We will fix the operating panel on the pillar.
    • Entire construction in Stainless steel
    • Semi hemispherical bowl ensures that the entire bowl can be emptied by rotating the worm wheel.
    • Simplified construction enables ease of operation.
    • Steam or electric heating is possible depending upon the user requirements.
    • When used with stirrer/anchor, the anchor’s movement is forward and reverse using a cyclic timer. The stirrer can be supplied at an additional cost.


    • Insulation jacket on Steam Jacket.
    • Flame Proof Construction.
    • Built-in Stirrer Arrangement with Lifting and Lowering Device.
    • Steam Fittings with All Connections Factory Fitted.
    • Non-Tilting Type with Bottom Discharge Models Is Also Available.
    • Capacities Available: From 50 Ltrs to 2000 Ltrs Capacity.