“AKSHAR” visual inspection table is made up of different parts, each serving a unique purpose. The inspection table has a three-track conveyor with lighting equipment attached in the hood above for illumination. The illuminated hood facilitates for better visual inspection. The table is made of stainless-steel square pipes and is highly durable and tough.

The central conveyor belt brings in the bottles from the capping machine conveyor and they are bifurcated into two lines with the help of a separation guide in between. Here the operators can manually pick up the bottles and visually inspect them against the alternate white & black background for any impurities in their contents, cap sealing and damage to the bottle. Post inspection the bottles are placed in the central track of the machine and transferred for next operation.


  • Speed variation through ACVFD.
  • Direct gear drive.
  • Length can be customized.
  • PVC black & white board provides contrast visibility for all kind of impurities.
  • SS elegantly matt finished structure.
  • Adjustable height of conveyor belt allows alignment with other machines of the line.
  • Rigid Vibration free Construction for trouble free performance.

    Model NVBI - 50 NVBI - 100 NVBI - 150
    Output / Hour* 2400 to 3600 bottles 2400 to 4800 bottles 4800 to 6600 bottles
    Number of operator Two (1 x 2, Two side seated) Four (2 x 2, Two side seated) Six (3 x 2, Two side seated)
    Direction of Movement Left to Right
    Power Characteristics** 0.5 HP / 220 V / 50 Hz
    Height of Conveyor** 860 ± 50 mm


    Container Size** Round Shape Diameter: ∅ 22 mm to ∅ 60 mm***
    Respectively height: 58 mm to 120 mm***
    Flat / Square Length: 30 mm to 70 mm
    Width: 20mm to 50 mm
    Height: 58 mm X 120 mm
    * Depends on operator, bottle size etc.
    ** Can be customized.
    *** With the help of applicable change parts.


    Electrical supply 3 Phase + Neutral + Earthing
    Electrical Load 0.5 kW