“AKSHAR” Sterile filling vessel is used for the filling of vials, ampoules, injections, vaccines, and bottles in the Pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetics industry. The sterile filling liquid vessel is used for the collection of filtered sterile solution in the product filling room. Due to its wide use in the pharmaceutical industry, it is known as the pharmaceutical filling vessel. The aseptic filling vessel is specially designed for the filling of sterile solutions. The vessel has an outlet nozzle with a long pipe to draw liquid from the containers.

Sterile filling vessel is polished from both the inner and outer side. Equipped with two lifting handles and Steel trolley with castor wheels it is quite easy and convenient to move. This vessel is tested in the lab at 2 bar pressures. The sterile filling vessel complies to the cGMP standards and needs of the Indian Pharmaceutical industry. The sterile filling vessel can be customized as per the client needs or the industry requirements. Filling vessel is CIP and SIP enabled and can fill the containers of capacity ranging from 50 to 500 liters.


    • CIP and SIP enabled.
    • Both Manual and automatic operation control.
    • PLC, HMI, and SCADA control systems.
    • Contact Parts are of S.S. 316L.
    • Suitable for vials, ampoules, injections, and bottles.
    • Diaphragm type Pressure Gauge.
    • Fills the aerosols, sterile solutions, serums, and Plasma Fractions.
    • Filling capacity of 50 to 500 liters.
    • All Connection are t/c End Visible glass to check the level of liquid.
    • Top & Bottom Dish Ends
    • Steel Trolley for easy movement