AKSHAR ENGINEERING WORKS has a sophisticated modular system for the manufacturing emulsions in a wide viscosity range. Advanced processing technology offers consistently high product quality, shorter batch cycles, minimal operating costs, low space requirements and simple operation. The principal applications for the system are in the pharmaceutical and premium cosmetics sectors.

It is specially designed to take care of two critical factors which directly affects the quality of the ointment / Creams.

1. Minimum man handling of Ointment

2. Negligible vacuums drop during mixing & blending.

Needless to say, it also provides the benefits of the effective manpower utilization.

  • AKSHAR ENGINEERING WORKS Ointment Toothpaste Manufacturing Plant consist the following equipments and accessories.

    • Manufacturing Vesse
    • Wax Phase Vesse
    • Water Phase Vessel
    • Storage Vessel
    • Vacuum Pump
    • Control Panel
    • Product Piping
    • Working Platform
    • Material Transfer Pump to Transfer material from manufacturing Vessel OR Planetary Mixer to Storage
    • Vessel & Storage Vessel to Ointment (Tube) Filling M/C. (02 nos.)
    • This system consists of a closed-circuit manufacturing facility from feeding of Wax / Water Phase to loading the hopper of filling machine.
    • The Wax and Water at required temperature are transferred to Manufacturing Vessel or Planetary Mixer, by vacuum through conical filter.
    • The product during emulsion formation is re-circulated through Ointment Transfer Pump, the Pump also discharges the product in the Storage Vessel.
    • The Storage Vessel is then taken to the filling area and is connected to again Ointment Transfer Pump.
    • Storage Vessel remain fixed (In bigger size) & pump transfer the ointments in the hopper of the Ointment Filling Machine.
    • The entire Plant can be operated by centralized operating panel by one operator.
    • The plant is equipped with an electrical control panel with digital temperature indicators and digital timers.
    • Minimum two batches per shift of the same product can be assured in this plant.
    • This plant conforms to CGMP standards (Paint Free Construction).
    • Enclosed are a few pages explaining the system in detail.


    • The Plant is designed to be operated only by one operator and one helper.
    • All material transfers are done by vacuum or by transfer pumps.
    • All the vessels are CGMP (paint free construction)
    • The gaskets used are of silicon (food grade).
    • All contact parts are of S.S. 304 quality material (SS316 provided on demand) & finished to class 4B (Mirror) finish and are crevice free.
    • The entries of all agitators are from top & High-Speed Emulsifier from bottom or In-line Emulsifier (as per customer choice).
    • All vessels are suitable for internal pressure of 1 Kg. / Sq. cm. and hence can be sterilized.
    • All pipes, pipe fittings and valves are of SS304 / SS316 (as per customer requirement) seamless quality, internally electro polished, with tri-clover ended joints.
    • The entire plant is equipped with CIP & SIP connections, so that customer can use these facilities, if have CIP & SIP equipment.
    • All values of temperature & time of the plant are indicated digitally on the control panel. Ampere indicates on Ampere meters.
    • A microprocessor based automatic operating plant can be designed as per requirement.
    • All the inlet & outlet connections are provided with tri clover joints, which are very easy for cleaning & replacement.