The Akshar Engineering Works offer a wide range of sparkler filter press in India consisting of stainless steel shells with bolted top cover. This feature helps the filter press to create and maintain its pressure. Several disc type filter plates are arranged horizontally in the filter cartridge assembly with perforated supporting screens, filter media and interlocking cups. The whole assembly shell stands on S.S. trolley and structured with pump and piping connection.

Operations :
The main operation of sparkler filter press is to filter the impure liquid. Arriving on top of each horizontal plate with increasing pressure, the filter media holds back the impurities and allows the filter to pass through centre by interlocking cups, which takes the filtrate to the outlet of the filter. The cake formed between the horizontal plates can also be obtained. The function of filtration process becomes slow when the liquid reached its holding capacity into the cake.

Types Diameter of Plate No. of Plates Filtering Area M2 Cake Holding Capacity Ltrs. Capacity Ltrs / Hr
AEWS86 8" 6 0.1886 4.34 400
AEWS88 8" 8 0.2260 5.79 500
AEWS148 14" 8 0.6130 22.78 1500
AEWS1410 14" 10 0.7960 34.72 1800
AEWS1812 18" 12 1.745 78.01 4000
AEWS1815 18" 15 2.169 40.50 5000
AEWS1823 18" 23 3.338 63.49 6800
AEWS2412 24" 12 3.430 148.00 6.700
AEWS2423 24" 23 6.336 120.00 12,600

  • GMP model stands on SS trolley
  • Manufactured using quality raw material such as S.S. 304/316/316L M.O.C
  • Having M.S./S.S. Jacket for hot filtration
  • Available in various sizes and different diameters having numerous number of plates
  • It also provides the Back wash facility for continuous operations.
  • Two filter plates are available – Deep and Shallow
  • The horizontal filter plates prevent the cake dropping from the shell.

Application Area

  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Cement Industries
  • Distillation Plants
  • Oil Industries
  • Dairy Industries
  • Paint Industries
  • Beverages

We provide an optional feature that is halar coating on our sparkler filter press halar coated machine that can increase our machine efficiency and accuracy. Contact us to get the detail information and best quotation.